Coachability and feedback

Let’s say that you hire a coach; perhaps you want to be healthier and you find a suitable health coach. How coachable are you going to be?

That may seem like a silly question; after all, if you hire a plumber you are going to stand aside, maybe ask a few questions, the answers to which you may or may not understand, and then let him get on with his work. If you take your car to a garage to be serviced, you will probably just let them do what they say is necessary unless it is outrageously expensive (and probably even then, unless you happen to be a mechanic). So why is it that many people pay a coach good money but don’t really listen to what the coach is saying or spend most of their time trying to think up clever ways to show the coach that she doesn’t really understand them, and even if the coach did, they don’t really have anything much to offer that will be useful or relevant to their situation, which they believe to be unique. Continue reading “Coachability and feedback”

All change


It can be hard for a human being to change. Sure, we can all do something different, just like that, but when we’re talking about human change what we usually mean is change in behaviour that is sustained over a long time. Of course, this can be done; just consider how many people have successfully given up smoking. However, what about all the people who consistently fail to give up, time and again? Continue reading “All change”